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  • What is Cpanel
  • How to install wordpress in Cpanel
  • How to add name servers in domain
  • How to upload HTML website in Cpanel
  • How to create business e-mail ID’s (custom mail)
  • How to install SSL certificate
  • Advance SEO in coded websites
  • Introduction to E-mail marketing
  • How to add sign-up forms to your website
  • How to add pop-up forms to yor website
  • Advance e-mail marketing method
  • Advanced e-mail marketing methods



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  • First Malayalam e-learning platform in India
  • Guaranteed 11(eleven) industry recognized certification support.
  • One instructor assigned for every 15 students
  • Doubts clearance through WhatsApp, Google meeet, Zoom
  • Learn in Malayalam, ask questions in Malayalam and get answered in Malayalam(you can ask questions in both Malayalam English languages)
  • Advanced and simplified lessons
  • 100% support for startups
  • Advanced SEO using coded websites – you won’t get it in 99% digital marketing course
  • 100% placement assistance

Module 1

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • AWS (amazon web services) beginners tutorial
  • How to select and purchase your domain
  • How to get free web hosting for your training
  • AWS complete tutorial
  • Introduction to wordpress dashboard
  • Create high-end websites from scratch without coding
  • How to become a freelancer developer and how to make money by selling your websites 

Module 2(E-mail marketing)

Module 3 (Facebook marketing)

  • Introduction to facebook marketing
  • Facebook reach campaign

  • Facebook post engagement campaign

  • Facebook lead generation campaign

  • Facebook boost campaign

  • Facebook branding campaign

  • How to install Facebook pixel in your website
  • Facebook re – targeting
  • How to analyze your facebook ads
  •  How to analyze facebook pixel like a pro
  • Facebook detailed targeting – The magic of FB ad success

  • How to add money to facebook ads account

  • Facebook audience insights

  • Facebook audience research tools

  • Facebook video ads

  • Facebook carousel ads
  • Facebook collection ad
  • Facebook create video or slide show ad
  • Facebook ad automated split testing or A/B testing

Module 4 (Instagram marketing)

  • Introduction to instagram marketing
  • How to create instagram business account
  • How to link instagram with facebook
  • Advanced instagram marketing

Module 5 (YouTube marketing

  • Introduction YouTube marketing
  • Create your YouTube channel
  • Customize your YouTube channel
  • Verify your YouTube channel
  • Creation of thump nail to your You Tube video
  • Creation of cards to your You Tube video
  •   Creation of end screen to your You Tube video
  • Run You Tubs adds and promote your channel,videos and business

Module 6 (Tik-tok marketing - tikotk banned in India only)

  • Introduction to Tik-tok
  • Create audience on Tik-tok
  • Advanced Tik-tok ads
  • Add Tik-tok pixel to your website

Module 7 (Google marketing)

  • Introduction to google marketing
  • Run google ads in training mode
  • Run google ads in expert mode
  • Install google analytics to your website
  • Analyze your google analytics like a pro  

Module 8 (Search engine optimization - WordPress)

  • SEO complete tutorial

Module 9 (Advanced web-development and SEO (coded HTML websites)

Module 10 (Advanced linked-in marketing)

  • Introduction to LinkedIn marketing
  • Hoe to create LinkedIn profile
  • How to create a business page  on LinkedIn
  • Run advanced LinkedIn ads

Module 11 (Graphic Designing)

Be a pro graphic designer using simple tools.

Module 12 (Certifications)

  • certifications



Yudhya's Masters Certification In Digital Marketing


Unbounce certification

Facebook blue-print certification

Microsoft certification

Hub-spot certification

SEMrush certification

Constant contact certification

Copy blogger certification

YouTube certification

Twitter certification

Guidance for most prestigious OMCA certification


  • What is digital marketing?
    Digital marketing is all about brand marketing tactics via online channels, it includes various methods and techniques like social media marketing, YouTube marketing, Google ad words, PPC,  word press website development, LinkedIn marketing, search engine optimization. etc.
  • What is search engine optimization -SEO?
    SEO is an organic method to increase our website traffic and reach through search engines like google, bing, yahoo .etc. In this method we should always aware about the updations of search engines.
  • What are on-page and off-page optimization?
    On-page optimization deals with the structure and content of a website whereas off-page optimization helps to increase the search engine ranking by fetching external links to point back to it
  • What is PPC or pay per click advertising?
    In pay per click the advertisers pay to the publishers as per the rate of the ad is clicked (it will be paid for each click rate)
  • Will you provide study materials?
    Yes, we provide in-depth study materials on digital marketing. Our classes are 95% practical oriented, so you have to prepare your notes also as part of our assignments.
  • How can i attend digital marketing course through e-learning?
    E-learning is a better method of education system that allows students and working professional to learn at any time and place as  per their comfortability. You can learn your classes as pre-recorded video tutorials and clear doubts through our LMS or Whatsapp. Also we will share study materials online..
  • What is the basic qualification for join this course?
    You should have minimum plus two education for joining this course. If you are an entrepreneur or anyone want to learn our digital marketing course can also join our class without plus two.
  • I am not good at English, can i join?
    If you're fluent in English it will be an advantage for your career for content writing and communication. If you're not fluent in English, don't worry it's fine. You can improve your language later. We will help you to workout things in your regional language. Yudhya is a Malayalam e-learning platform our tutors are also mallus. So you can understand and clear your doubts easy.
  • How can i clear doubts?
    Our main advantage is, we assign an instructor for each students. So you can clear your doubts face to face.
  • I do not have any website right now, How can i learn digital marketing?
    Don't worry we are teaching you how it exactly purchase a domain and hosting at nearly no coast and develop a website from scratch. You will learn how to develop websites, link domains and host in servers like Amazon we services, Godady. etc
  • There is any technical background required to learn digital marketing?
    No, there is no need of any  tech background to learn digital marketing. If you're familiar with Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.etc If you know how to create a group in Whatsapp and the skills to read and write a little English you're done. The main qualification to learn digital marketing is your common sense. If you having these skills no one can stop you from becoming a digital marketer.
  • I'm a entrepreneur what about me?
    We welcome you with pleasure, Coz you're in a right place. You can promote your products or services through digital marketing without depending on a digital marketing agency. By learning digital marketing and doing your business promotions yourself, you can save a lots of money and scale up your business easily.
  • What are the job opportunities for a digital marketing expert?
    Now a days each and every businesses around us looking for a digital marketing expert to scale up their business and digital marketing agencies, promotion companies are looking for a skilled digital marketing freshers. If you need further clarification you can check these websites :
  • What is the expected salary of a digital marketer?
    A fresher can expect 3-5 LPA and and experienced professional can expect 5LPA and above
  • What are the opportunities i have after my course completion?
    We are suggesting three opportunities for you after course completion :
    1. You can get a job
    2. You can become a freelance digital marketer
    3. You can start an e-commerce startup
  • Do you have any certification support?
    We will support you to taking these international certifications :
    • Google certifications

    • Unbounce certification

    • Facebook blue-print certification

    • Microsoft certification

    • Hub-spot certification

    • SEMrush certification

    • Constant contact certification

    • Copy blogger certification

    • YouTube certification

    • Twitter certification

    • Guidance for most prestigious OMCA certification

  • What is your course fee?
    Initial course fee : 6000/- We actually have a total course fee of 25000/- .But we only collecting an initial amount of 6000/- at starting as your tuition fee. After the course completion you will be placed in a company with our help. Whenever your salary reaches 15000/- you can pay the rest course fee as an installment of 1500/- per month. Whenever you leave a job, on leave period, ,maternity period and if you working on an another domain this terms  will not be applicable for it.
  • How can i join this course?
    If you're already contacted with our Academic consultant, please don't worry they will take care of you. If you are new here you click on the support symbol in right - bottom side of the website and you call call or Whatsapp us.
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