Social Media Marketing Blueprint

  • Last Update December 28, 2023

Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Facebook ad mastery course

How to create an Instagram business account
How to create a facebook page
How to setup facebook page
How to create an instagram business page
Instagram account overview and reels
How to connect Facebook page with Instagram account
Facebook ads manger creation
Facebook ads manager introduction
Facebook brand awareness campaign
3 points technique for creative designing
Detailed targeting and narrow audience
Facebook ad structure and funnel
How to add money to Facebook account
Facebook special ad categories
Facebook traffic campaign
Facebook engagement campaign part – 1
Facebook engagement campaign part – 2
Facebook lead generation campaign part – 1
Facebook lead generation campaign part – 2
How to download Facebook leads from ads
Facebook ads privacy and policy
Facebook ad account issues and solutions
How to create Facebook video ads
How to analyse and optimize fakebook ads
Facebook custom audience and retargeting
How to install facebook pixel in your website
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