Ethical Hacking

  • Last Update January 5, 2021


Module 1:Introduction To Ethical Hacking


Who is hacker

Classification Of Hackers

Phases Of Hacking

Scope Of CyberSecurity

Module 2: Network Basics


 What is Network

IPv4 Addresses

MAC Addresses

The OSI Model

Diffrent Type Network Protocol

Three-Way Handshake

What is Port

Module 3: Setting Up Lab


Installing Kali Linux [Vbox /Vmware]

What is Purpose Of Kali Linux ?

Exploring Certain Neseccary Tools

Module 4: WebServer


What is Webserver ?

How the Web works ?

Setting Up WebServer.

Different Type protocols and http Methods.



Module 5:Reconnassiance & Scanning

Overview of Reconnassiance

What is Reconnassiance ?

Different Type Of Reconnassiance ?

What is the Purpose ?

Overview ofScanning


Different Type Of Nmap Scanning

Module 6: Hacking Webserver


Identifying Webserver

Checking Webserver is Vulnerable

Exploiting Webserver

Writing Report

Module 7:Web Application Penetration Testing



Setting Up Lab For WebApplicationPenetration Testing

Installing Burpsuite

Burp Basics: configuring Firefox to trust Burp certificate for man-in-the-middle.

Installing Foxy Proxy

The OWASP Top 10 & OWASP Testing Checklist

  1. Injection
  1. Broken Authentication and Session Management
  1. Sensitive Data Exposure
  1. XML External Entity
  1. Broken Access Control
  1. Security Misconfiguration
  1. Cross-Site Scripting
  1. Insecure deserialization
  1. Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities
  1. Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

Writing Report

Module 8:Social Engineering


                What is Social Engineering

                Relevance Of Social Engineering

                Human Based Social Engineering

                Computer Based Social Engineering


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